TumbleBooks for Valentine's Day!

TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books and adding animation, sound, music, and narration to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you!

This is a great way to start your child reading!

As a patron of the LPL you have free access to TumbleBooks.

Follow this link: TumbleBooks and type in your library account number, found on the back of your card, where it asks for Library Card ID.


Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story

Imagine being a porcupine! All those spines must get in the way sometimes, right?

Now imagine you're a lonely little porcupine living in a PETTING ZOO! Cushion wants someone to love but there are signs all over his enclosure which forbid visitors from petting him!

How can Cushion ever find love with his prickly spines getting in the way all the time?

There's hope for Cushion, though! Read on!

Your family loves YOU!

TumbleBooks features many books about family which are perfect for Valentine's Day!

Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all share is ... you guessed it! ...LOVE!!

In Pocketful of Kisses, little Digby's mom blows several kisses into his pockets so that he'll remember how much he loves her and be brave on his first day of school.

In Always, a little puppy shows just how much he loves his little girl and will protect her... always!

Loving YOUR family!

"I Love Saturdays y domingos" is a very special story about how much one little girl loves Saturdays y domingos (or "and Sundays") because those are the days she gets to visit her Grandparents!!

In the classic "And You Can Come Too" we see the complicated side of family life.

Brothers and sisters... parents and children... we might not get along all the time, and that's okay!

Learning how to diffuse tense situations and forgive each other is a fundamental part of being a member of a family!

Love and Friendship!

They say that your friends are the family you choose for yourself!

Be sure to tell your friends how much you care about them this Valentine's Day!

The TumbleTune, "The More We Get Together" is a fun song to share with your friends today.

Why is that? Well the answer is in the lyrics! ... The more we get together, the happier we'll be!

A strong friendship is a lovely thing! But what happens when someone takes a friendship for granted?

Molly Pepper learns that the heard way.

Fortunately, if she and Franklin P. Shuckles can resolve their quarrel, their friendship may become all the stronger!

Don't forget: LOVE Yourself!

Valentine's Day has such a focus on loving other people that sometimes we forget that we should love ourselves too!

In the new TumbleBook, "I Love My Purse", Charlie decides to wear a red purse to school!

His father, his friends, and other kids at his school all ask him why? He answers "Cause I love my purse!"

Charlie's unwavering confidence inspires others to do things that they were too scared to do before!

In "Abigail the Whale", Abigail's bullies try to bring her down! Fortunately, her coach gives her a valuable lesson on self esteem.

Abigail learns to see herself differently, and grows to love herself just as she is!

The Heart - More than just a symbol for love!

The heart... It's the universal symbol for love!

But in real life, it pumps blood all over our body!

Bump - ba - bump ... bump - ba - bump ... over and over again, it never quits! (But don't you like how it speeds up when we get excited or when we exercise?!)

In "A Circulatory Story" we learn all about how blood pumps through our circulatory system!



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