Jan. 29, 2019

Attention Public Library Directors. Supplemental materials from the Jan. 24 administrator's meeting are now available on our website. These materials are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau for public libraries to make preparations for next year's Census. The U.S. Census Bureau stresses that the 2020 Census will be internet-based, and they are partnering with public libraries to provide public access to computers with broadband access and post/distribute Census information.

The included documents are as follows:

  • 50 Ways Census Data are Used
  • Alabama Low Response Score (LRS) map
  • American Library Association 2020 Census briefing
  • Alabama Counting for Dollars 2020
  • Census 101 (infographic)
  • Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census (fact sheet) 

This information is found at: http://aplsws1.apls.state.al.us/aplsnew/content/census-information.

If you are interested in a temporary position as a Census worker, you may apply at: https://2020census.gov/jobs/job-details.html.