Stay at Home

April 6, 2020

The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) has extended its closure until at least April 30 due to heightened concerns over the novel coronavirus and in following Stay at Home orders from Gov. Kay Ivey. All public libraries are encouraged to email their library consultants any questions or concerns during this time of closure. The APLS helpdesk is also available to answer any computer questions you may have.

Additionally, APLS is making the following recommendations for our public libraries:

The safety of your personnel and patrons should be your foremost concern. The Alabama Department of Public Health has issued guidance to hospitals and healthcare centers regarding testing for the virus. Alabamians are encouraged to implement standard protocols for cold and flu season in an effort to protect against the virus. Gov. Kay Ivey has established a task force to prepare for the coronavirus and issued a State of Emergency.

Please confer with your Library Board and review your policies and procedures for closing your library. Consult with your local government to determine what actions your community will be taking.  If your community’s schools, recreation centers, movie theaters, etc. are closing, then these are indicators that your library should be as well. Keep yourselves and patrons current with factual information from websites including:

Coronavirus preparation in Alabama: 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Alabama Department of Public Health: